Conference Focus – Stream 2

Conference Focus

Stream 2, Working with Correctional Populations.

The topics covered: 

  • Prison-based TC’s in the UK System: Hierarchical and Democratic Models.
  • Therapeutic collaboration: Reaping the rewards and managing the risks
  • The Three Circles: Achieving Synergy in the Prison based TC.

More about the speakers and the topics:
Rowdy Yates, straight from the European Therapeutic Communities Conference, Rowdy is our International Keynote presenter. He is Senior Research Fellow and facilitator of the Scottish Addiction Studies group in the University of Stirling, Scotland. He has worked in the drugs field for more than forty years and he was co-founder of an small self-support group of ex-heroin addicts, a group which later merged to form the Lifeline Project; one of the longest established drug specialist services in the UK.

“Therapeutic Collaboration – Reaping the rewards and managing the risk”
This is a joint presentation by the leaders of the Alcohol and Other Drug Treatment Court (AODTC) Network, including Philip Grady, CEO, Odyssey House – Auckland;  Michael Douglas, Director, Salvation Army Bridge – Auckland;  Johnny Dow, Director, Higher Ground and Fiona Trevelyan, Project Manager, AODTC Treatment Network.

Te Whare Whakapiki Wairua – ‘The House That Uplifts the Spirit’ is the name of New Zealand’s first adult Alcohol and Other Drug Treatment Court (AODTC).  The three largest addiction treatment NGO providers have come together to form a treatment network.  Odyssey House is the lead provider and contract holder and works in close partnership with the Salvation Army and Higher Ground to ensure wrap around ‘packages of care’ for the participants in the AODTC.  These packages are developed and implemented by a team of Case Managers and Peer Support workers to meet the unique needs and circumstances of each participant.

The presentation will explore the partnership approach to managing the risks, working across multiple agencies and jurisdictions.  In this context, the risk is multi-faceted encompassing Person, Programme, Public and Political.  Further we will share some initial outcomes for both participants and providers.

The Three Circles: Achieving Synergy in the Prison based TC
This presentation will briefly cover the background of CareNZ’s work with the Department of Corrections; look at the size and structure of existing services, give an overview of the programme delivered, the rituals that exist and the results achieved in reducing recidivism. The main focus of the presentation will be an exploration of how the goals of custody and treatment fit together and how the ‘3 Circle’ model evolved from the experience of establishing and developing the Hawkes Regional Prison Drug Treatment Unit.

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